“Everyone would love to have the great feeling of physical health and mental and social wellbeing. Many women try hard to achieve it by making good lifestyle choices. But even if you do your best to watch your diet and exercise regularly, you won’t get very far if you lack VITALITY.”


Fuel for happiness

Essentially, VITALITY is physical, mental and spiritual energy. It manifests itself in a readiness to engage, eagerness to act, and ability to persevere in the face of obstacles. Whatever your goals – material or immaterial – VITALITY is necessary to pursue and achieve them. It is the fuel that enables you to give meaning and purpose to your life. It is of vital importance in our hectic daily lives. We are all born full of this energy, but it is slowly consumed by the pressures of day-to-day life.


Open the flow

We live in a stressful world with a non-stop drive to ‘perform’. This not only constantly drains our VITALITY, it creates blockages that prevent its internal creation and flow. VITA Center is dedicated to re-opening and re-energizing VITALITY pathways. We do so now by offering proven ancient Eastern medical techniques, such as Japanese REIKI and Qi-enhancing nutrition information and Zhineng Qigong exercise training, both based on Chinese Medicine.


VITA Center

When you are feeling tired, lifeless or apathetic, A VITA Center treatment will leave you relaxed and clear in body and mind, and with a fresh new supply of energy. Your ability to tap into that energy – to feel and make good use of it – will also be improved. And aside from the ‘healing’ aspect, the treatments deliver balance and invigoration that provide protection against future stress and potential burn-out.


REIKI is a safe, age-old Japanese healing technique that can be applied to – and practised by – just about everyone. The treatment is based on the philosophy of an invisible ‘Universal Life Energy’ (REI-KI) that flows through all of us, and which can be transferred using your hands.

Drain and ‘burn’

The concept of universal life energy is also a major foundation of Traditional Chinese Medicine, in which it is known as ‘Qi’. We are all born full of this energy, but it is slowly drained by the pressures of day-to-day life. When people aren’t aware of its existence – or of how to replenish it – the energy can reach very low levels. This can lead to a multitude of problems, both emotional and physical. ‘Burn-out’ is a prime example of this.


Refresh and replenish

REIKI – which transfers a fresh supplement of new energy – can make a very real difference. And in our exciting, challenging world that pressures us to perform in so many ways, the ability to tap into such energy makes it possible for us to pursue our passions and fulfil our potential. In short, it can make all the difference between simply ‘existing’ or truly ‘living’.

VITA Center is certified REIKI Master Teacher, and offers REIKI treatments and seminars.


During a REIKI session, you remain fully clothed and lie on a treatment table or sit in a comfortable chair. The practitioner offers REIKI in a series of hand placements on the head and the front and back of the torso. This is usually a very light, non-intrusive, no-pressure touch, although in some instances the hands may be held just above the body surface.

Treatment areas

The body areas at which REIKI is delivered are connected to specific glands, organs and chakras. Although all hand positions are aimed at opening blockages and restoring vital energy, localised physical benefits are often generated at each area, such as relaxed eye tension when REIKI is directed at the head.

How does it feel?

People can have very different and subtle reactions to REIKI. Some experience a sense of heat in the practitioner’s hands, while others feel coolness or a pulsing sensation. Many find the treatment comforting: recipients often feel they are floating in a state of threshold consciousness – deeply withdrawn, but still aware. Falling asleep is not unusual!


A REIKI treatment facilitates acceptance and absorption of your life experiences of the moment, which brings a sense of calm and peace. The most common takeaway is an immediate release of stress and increased mental and physical relaxation. Strong emotions are often soothed and thinking is clarified. Many people feel in a more upbeat, optimistic frame of mind about what lies ahead.

Cumulative benefits

Although a first treatment often leaves an impression, REIKI has a cumulative effect. Most people tend to experience more intense and long-lasting benefits when treatments are repeated. You’ll find yourself better protected from stress and able to relax easier. REIKI balances metabolism, regulates the heart and blood pressure, and strengthens the immune system – you may notice you get fewer colds. On a non-physical level, REIKI helps you connect with your intuition, increases your capacity for love and enjoyment, and provides a grounding that encourages you to trust in life.


Intake +
Full Body


75 minutes session

60' Full


60 minutes session

90' Full


90 minutes session

Chakras Harmonisation


45 minutes session



45 minutes session

Chakras Harmonization


45 minutes session



45 minutes session


VITA Center currently offers individual REIKI treatments and seminars for groups of all sizes.

” Monique has been very dedicated in following the Reiki training modules. She completed the Master-Teacher degree in December 2017 and is ready for her next step in life. I wish Monique well in her new venture with Reiki and look forward to working with her. ”

Tanmaya Honervogt

Tanmaya is a best-selling author and one of the pioneers of Reiki in western culture. She shares her vision of a better world through her work as a spiritual teacher, Reiki-Master, healer and author.

Tanmaya Healing


A three-hour program designed to introduce groups – small or large – to the concept and experience of REIKI. The heart of the seminar is a highly inspiring and instructional presentation by Tanmaya Honervogt. A Master-Teacher, Healer and best-selling author, Tanmaya is rightfully considered to be one of Europe’s REIKI pioneers. Also included:

  • Reception with coffee/tea
  • Meet + Greet with Tanmaya Honervogt
  • Taste of REIKI
  • Finger-food lunch

Date, time and location of seminar arranged in coordination with customer.
Price: Dependent on group size. Please contact us for a quote.


VITA Center will soon offer R1 training for individuals and small groups (max 4 persons)

REIKI First-Degree (R1) Training

If you are a healthy person then Reiki is for relaxation, to relieve stress, and to restore personal energy. If you are unwell, or have a problem of some sort, whether this is on a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level, Reiki may be the key you discover to take responsibility for your own healing.’
When you first use Reiki you open yourself to your own healing powers and become ready to accept the illness or the problem and to understand its message (from the book ‘The Power of Reiki’ by Tanmaya Honervogt).
The Reiki R1 training is suitable for anyone (children and older people too). The theoretical knowledge and hands-on practice given in a workshop gives you the ability to use REIKI to treat yourself.


The concept of Qi-enhancing exercise has been around for some 5,000 years – as long as Chinese Medicine itself. It features a unique combination of movement and meditation.

Most effective

Most Eastern ritualised exercise, including martial arts and Tai Chi are based on this concept, and there are many variations. One of the most practised today – Qigong – has 11 officially recognised forms. Zhineng Qigong – which combines traditional Qigong with insights of modern medicine – has been officially designated by the Chinese Government as the most effective of them all.


Benefits for everyone

Almost everyone – whatever the fitness level – can practise Zhineng Qigong. It entails simple, calm movements that open energy channels, dissolve blockages, and stimulate the flow of Qi. This leads to a sense of deep relaxation, concentration and inner balance. Its influence on physical health has been extensively researched in various multi-year studies. Regular Zhineng Qigong practice can reduce anxiety and stress, and help the immune system and other body functions perform better.

VITA Center is certified TCM Zhineng Qigong Teacher. If you would like to be notified when we start offering Zhineng Qigong Classes, simply let us know by clicking here.


Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) focuses on four main branches that help foster a long, healthy life in which the individual is capable of optimal development. Of these four branches, the first and most essential place to start is nutrition.


A wider view

Chinese dietetic experts take a wider and deeper view than Western food science of what makes up a healthy, balanced diet. While agreeing with the need to consume sufficient amounts of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, TCM has – over the centuries – identified other types of impact that specific foods have on the body, and places equal importance on these factors.

Hidden impacts

In ancient Eastern practice, foods offer either cool/cold (Yin), warm/hot (Yang) or neutral energy. This has nothing to do with the food temperature, but with the effect it has on the metabolism after initial digestion. All foods are also classified as having a certain impact – such as ‘lifting’ or ‘lowering’ – on internal bodily Qi movement.

Beyond the body

None of these effects are ‘bad’ in themselves. But over-consumption of any food type creates an imbalance that can not only affect our physical constitution (Jing), but also our supply of daily energy (Qi) and mental state (Shen). Conversely, those who suffer from certain health problems may easily get relief simply by adding or increasing a few key types of foods to their diets.

Individual approach

Obviously, every person has a unique digestive system and capacity that also determines what foods do to us. This is why the TCM Dietetic approach is always highly individual one. It goes far beyond standard evaluation of calories, fats, etc. to find the optimal nutritional balance that will keep you ‘holistically’ – not just ‘physically’ fit.

VITA Center is TCM Nutrition certified. If you would like to be notified when we start offering Healthy Nutrition information gatherings, simply let us know by clicking here.


‘Qi’ is the basic foundation of Eastern medicinal thinking. Known as ‘KI’ in Japanese, its closest translation would be energy as defined in modern particle physics: in the sense of being on the continuum between matter and energy.

Universal energy

Qi can be material and non-material. Everything in the universe – from our thoughts to our bodies and even the universe itself – is made up of Qi in different forms. The Qi of air and water, for instance, is finer than the Qi of a tree. But whatever the form, Qi is in a constant state of movement, metamorphosis and flux.

‘Human’ Qi

Qi is not only all around us, but within us as well. Human beings generate it internally, transforming it from the food we eat and the oxygen we breath. Nutrition is the most crucial source of bodily Qi, which is why Traditional Chinese Medicine places such great importance on the quantity, quality and combination of food that a person consumes.

Cycle of health

Qi moves through the body’s 12 main meridians in a standard cycle that generally takes 24 hours, making the body an integrated whole. As long as it can be formed, transformed and flow without blockage, the result is long-lasting physical, mental and spiritual health.

Unblocking + replenishing

However, this cycle can be disrupted by various factors, such as non-optimal nutrition, emotions, weather, jet-lag and stress. And if stagnation develops anywhere in the network that blocks the flow of Qi, illness can result. In such situations, Qigong and REIKI are effective ways to re-regulate the cycle. And should Qi become low and depleted, REIKI can replenish it.


The Chinese – the oldest and largest civilisation in existence – have always lived very close to nature. For thousands of years, intelligent thinkers and healers made notes, observations, and shared their findings. The result was an unprecedented degree of insight into mankind, the natural cycles and phenomena around us, and how these are all related.

Qi – the foundation

The basic foundation in all Eastern medicinal thinking, including the Chinese, is ‘Qi’ (or ‘Ki’ as it is known in Japanese). Essentially, it is energy. Everything in the universe is made up of Qi in one form or another. Qi manifests itself in different densities, for example the Qi of air and water is thinner that the Qi of a tree. Likewise in the human body, the Qi of blood is thinner than the Qi of muscles. When Qi can be formed, transformed and flow without blockage, the result is long-lasting physical, mental and spiritual health.

The Western dilemma

The power and effectiveness of Traditional Chinese Medicine continues to be increasingly confirmed. Until recently, however, it has been largely unknown in the western world. Here, our technology-driven approach to life in general tends to break everything down into components. We view and tackle issues in different areas – our work, our relationships, our physical state – in isolated ways. Western medicine offers no framework in which we can view the complete individual, whether healthy or ill.

Potent healing

Chinese medicine does. It provides a complex, but well founded, medical matrix in which you can connect physical, mental, emotional, genetic and environmental factors – and address them. And when such natural Eastern therapies are supplemented by the biochemical and cellular insights of Western medicine, it delivers very potent healing power indeed.

Branches of Qi care

As this ancient school of medicine evolved over the ages, it came to focus on cultivating and caring for Qi through four main branches.

There are various therapeutic applications that fall under these areas,


Nutrition & breathing


Interaction & touch

such as herbal medicine/nutritional therapy, acupuncture and Feng Shui.

But to effectively address illness or optimise health, all four branches must be involved.

Nutrition however, rightfully adapted to your individual body needs, is a prerequisite!


At the start of the millennium, I read an article about Reiki that I found very intriguing. The concept of a healing technique based on the principle of channelling energy by touch – activating the body’s healing processes and restoring physical and emotional well-being – was new to me.

It must have made more of an impression than I realised. In the years that followed, I was often reminded of the article, especially when interacting with my four dogs. I found their clear desire for me to touch them when they were stressed, sick, or simply going to sleep quite remarkable. I also found it fascinating to feel how utterly relaxed they became under my hands.

During a trip to the United States, I had the opportunity to undergo a Reiki treatment myself. The experience was so special, I immediately wanted to know more about the theory behind it. On the long flight back to Europe, I read the international bestseller The Power of Reiki by Tanmaya Honervogt. By the time I landed, I knew I had to follow this path.

Over the past few years, I’ve developed a good bond with Tanmaya, who has played a truly pioneering role in introducing Reiki in Western culture.  I myself am Master-Teacher certified in December 2017.

In June 2018 I completed the first year of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) at the Academy for Chinese Medicine Qing-Bai in the Netherlands. Meanwhile I have successful completed the TCM Nutrition advanced training and I am now certified TCM Zhineng Giqong teacher. In this way I further develop my VITA Center™ brand concept.

Monique Slot, born in Rotterdam in the Netherlands in 1961, acquired her Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Hotel Management in 1983.

She worked for over 30 years in (office) management, marketing and branding related functions in various industries ranging from the Computer Industry, to Investment Capital and International Real Estate. Since 2015 she decided to follow a new path and started to explore her longtime interest in Universal Life Energy. This has resulted to date in a Master Teacher degree of Reiki enhanced with a Traditional Chinese Medicine background.

Monique Slot is a registered member of:


Would you like to book a REIKI treatment, training or seminar? Or perhaps you would like more personalised information about the difference that the VITA Center approach could make in your life? Simply leave a message, and we’ll be in touch directly.

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