At the start of the millennium, I read an article about Reiki that I found very intriguing. The concept of a healing technique based on the principle of channelling energy by touch – activating the body’s healing processes and restoring physical and emotional well-being – was new to me.

It must have made more of an impression than I realised. In the years that followed, I was often reminded of the article, especially when interacting with my four dogs. I found their clear desire for me to touch them when they were stressed, sick, or simply going to sleep quite remarkable. I also found it fascinating to feel how utterly relaxed they became under my hands.

During a trip to the United States, I had the opportunity to undergo a Reiki treatment myself. The experience was so special, I immediately wanted to know more about the theory behind it. On the long flight back to Europe, I read the international bestseller The Power of Reiki by Tanmaya Honervogt. By the time I landed, I knew I had to follow this path.

Over the past few years, I’ve developed a good bond with Tanmaya, who has played a truly pioneering role in introducing Reiki in Western culture. I myself am Reiki Master-Teacher certified in December 2017.

In June 2018 I completed the first year of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) at the Academy for Chinese Medicine Qing-Bai in the Netherlands. Meanwhile I have successful completed the TCM Nutrition advanced training and I am now certified TCM Zhineng Giqong teacher. In this way I further develop my VITA Center™ brand concept.

Monique Slot

Born in Rotterdam in the Netherlands in 1961, acquired her Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Hotel Management in 1983.

She worked for over 30 years in (office) management, marketing and branding related functions in various industries ranging from the Computer Industry, to Investment Capital and International Real Estate. Since 2015 she decided to follow a new path and started to explore her longtime interest in Universal Life Energy. This has resulted to date in a Master Teacher degree of Reiki enhanced with a Traditional Chinese Medicine background.

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